The pianist’s stage piano.

The most authentic keyboard, the most realistic sound, and the most articulate control. While others may claim to be ‘the best’, only one can be considered the most genuine.
MP11: the stage piano for music professionals who do not accept compromise.

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WEBSITE – official website & facebook

The official website is the best source of information about the MP11 online, with detailed explanations about the instrument’s wide range of features, background history and developer interviews, audio and video demos, software update, documentation, and driver downloads, and useful support links.

MP fans are also encouraged to visit the official Kawai MP facebook page, highlighting MP-related news, notable performances from MP owners, and informative articles about MP instruments past and present.


Thông số kỹ thuật

Kích thước Chiều dài 166 cm
Chiều ngang 150 cm
Chiều cao 102 cm
Trọng lượng 314 kg
Touch White key surfaces NEOTEX
Black key surfaces NEOTEX
Action Millennium III
Sound Soundboard Solid Spruce, Tapared
Agraffes 1-46 keys
Duplex scaling Fore & Back
Back posts 3
Exterior design Pedals Damper, Sostenuto, Soft
Casters Single, Brass
Lid props 3
Softfall yes
Music rack Position 5 positions
Hard Finish yes