Hybrid of traditional acoustic pianos and digital technology

“AnyTime” functionality plus the soundboard speaker system delivers an exceptional playing experience, enabling not only the realistic digital sound through an acoustic soundboard, but also the beautiful layered tone of digital sounds and full-bodied acoustic sounds played together.

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Soundboard Speaker System

ATX2-f models feature Kawai’s unique Soundboard Speaker System, allowing sounds produced by the instrument’s digital tone generator to be channeled onto the acoustic piano’s soundboard speaker and enjoyed without headphones.

Channeling the digital piano sounds onto the instrument’s large wooden soundboard produces a richer, more natural tone, while allowing the player to enjoy a three dimensional ambiance that cannot be achieved with conventional speakers alone. The volume level of the Soundboard Speaker System can be easily adjusted so as to minimise disturbances to others.  This allows individuals who experience discomfort when wearing headphones for extended periods of time to practice the piano freely, while still playing on an acoustic piano keyboard action.

It is even possible to play the instrument’s rich acoustic piano tone and high quality digital sounds simultaneously, allowing players to enjoy a broad selection of interesting tonal combinations that inspire their musical creativity.



Integrated Hammer Sensing System

A fine acoustic piano entices musicians to perform with enthusiasm, spontaneity and passion. Yet, the satisfaction that one enjoys when hammers strike the strings is often diluted by traditional piano silencing techniques. Sensors located below the keyboard struggle to accurately interpret the subtleties of musical expression, which is why AnyTimeX2 pianos integrate sensors within the fine workings of the piano action, reading the precise movements of each hammer. Whether performing rapid passages that demand the same key be played repeatedly before returning to its natural starting position, or pianissimo pieces desiring the very softest of key strokes, the Integrated Hammer Sensing System (IHSS) represents the elaborate nuances of every note.




Digital Piano Flexibility

Digital operation greatly extends the capabilities of the AnyTimeX2 piano beyond that of a traditional acoustic instrument, with convenient transpose and tuning facilities, a metronome and song recorder, and a selection of high fidelity sounds suitable for various musical occasions. 

Dual headphone sockets provide greater flexibility for academic institutions, while other connectors allow a range of creative music-making opportunities.





Concealed Control Panel

The slide-out control panel discretely placed below the keybed incorporates a large LCD display and an array of buttons, providing convenient access to digital features without diminishing the piano’s traditional appearance.